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DVDFab DVD All-In-One

5 stars

Pretty much essential software

Martin S. 2016-11-07

I bought DVDFab All-in-One Lifetime some time ago and use it to rip all my movies & box-sets to NAS for multi-room viewing.<br />
It wasn't cheap but I consider it good value for money... absolutely. It's constantly updated and it's coped with every disc I've thrown at it (mostly Blu-rays I my case). All the options you're likely to ever need when transcoding between formats too. Top software.

nuove funzionalità

Marcello 2016-04-13

E un ottimo programma, ma ci sono alcune mancanze, la prima che ho notato, non c'è menu a tendina dei sottotitoli, quando si vuole riconvertire qualcosa. Questo sarebbe utile se si volesse tenere dei sottotitoli già presenti nel file, invece di cercarli esterni, questa causa problemi nella denominazione.

Computer dummies take note! Great product!

Claudia Phillips 2015-09-24

I've been using DVD Fab for almost 10 years and still love it! I am not computer savvy at all but am able to use many of the features. Backing up my DVD's has saved me an enormous amount of money since my twin 9 year old grandsons have scratched a huge number of DVD's over the years. Fortunately they only scratched the back-ups and not the originals. It's paid for itself over and over.<br />
I have recently purchased the All-In-One Lifetime package. If you watch DVD's or Blu-rays, you MUST have this product!!


René Stolpmann 2015-07-27

Diese Software ist eines meiner Lieblingssoftware geworden. Ich arbeite sehr oft damit und hatte bis jetzt nie Probleme. Weiterhin konnte ich mir bis jetzt für jedes meiner Disks eine Privatkopie anlegen. Top & weiter so :)

great product

aquilino wong 2013-12-13

I have been using this software for years. of course, using a crack key. never the less, the dvds kept updating the drm format and had to continue look for cracks or serial keys and getting viruses. fed up, I saw the lifetime price for 800 bucks and i said no way. Now seeing the new promo with the new box for under $300, I saw the opportunity. This is the best software ever. I downloaded Nero, dvd copy, etc and nothing compares what this software does.

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